Join a community of committed practitioners. 

Set aside one hour per week to grow as a practitioner and experience the power of a community-based model. When you surround yourself with others who are consciously engaged in the same type of work, you'll evolve in ways that aren't possible on your own. Bring your questions, your ideas, your inspiration to the group, and build your practice in a community facilitated by Camille.




Mondays at 5 pm ET

Nutrition-Focused Group


This group is for herbally-minded nutrtionists


We meet Mondays at noon ET


Thoughts from a current member:

I'm a team player and I crave a highly trained, collaborative, mentoring experience. I trusted Camille would deliver this and she has. In spades. And then some. EVERYTHING has changed for me and my practice since starting MM.

Before MM I was drifting toward a more "stable & steady" existence/career as a health coach. I love coaching and herbalism, but I didn't feel I had the experience or depth of knowledge in clinical herbalism to really make it my career (though I felt it to be my life calling).

With MM I have all the support and collaboration and inspiration and collective knowledge I could ever hope for. And more. Camille shares her incredible depth of experience (as do the many other incredibly knowledgeable herbalists & nutritionists), her webinars & trainings, as well as the tools of her trade (workflows, spreadsheets, etc.). The support is INCREDIBLE. Being a member of a group of dedicated clinical herbalists who are supportive and encouraging - and are committed to be exceptional, highly trained, growth-oriented professionals.

If you are serious about being a clinical herbalist and you know you need a supportive team to make your clinical practice a reality, THIS is the group for you. 

- Krista Lamoreaux from Herbal Alchemy


What's Included:


  Weekly Meetings

We meet every Monday to discuss cases or to work on building your practice. All sessions are facilitated or taught by Camille (or the occasional guest teacher) so that we stay focused. You'll get an email at the start of every week with reminders and tips.

  Community Forum

Join other Monday Mentoring members on our private, non-Facebook forum to connect between sessions. Members use this space to share resources, get feedback on their work, and to answer the Question of the Week. The forum is entirely optional!

  Breakout Groups

You'll have the option to stay for 30 minutes after each Monday session. You'll be put into breakout rooms to discuss what progress you made in your practice last week, what your goals are for the upcoming week, and whether you need any support. These are optional but highly recommended!

  Discounts on Webinars and Observations

You'll get a 50% discount on the monthly webinar and any Herbal Observation Groups that happen during your membership. These typically cost $25 each. With the discount, you'll save $25/month if you attend both!

  Access to a Practice-Building Bundle

When you join, you'll get access to my webinars on finding clients without social media, building your email newsletter, and finding your practice focus/niche.

  Practice-Building Focus

Every month we include a bite-sized practice-building focus for you to work on when you have a free moment. These tasks feel small and doable, but over time you'll find that they add up and make a big difference in your practice!


Session Descriptions





    Clinical Round Table

    Bring your cases to get feedback and support, or listen and contribute as others share. You'll have the power of a group behind you when you're working with complicated cases. You'll learn from cases that others present.  1st and 3rd Mondays.

    Practice Management

    Each month we'll set goals for the upcoming month and discuss any roadblocks, questions, and ideas related to building and growing your practice.  2nd and 4th Mondays.

    Clinical Training

    You'll vote on topics of interest; these can include a deep dive into a specific condition, a practice "how to," etc. Each month we'll cover one topic in a 1-hour interactive workshop that will be added to our training library.  First and third Mondays.

     Work Sessions

    When there are 5 Mondays in a month, we'll hold work sessions. Bring questions of all kinds, and plan to complete a short session of focused work on your practice.

    Professional development and connection

    The community that has developed under the umbrella of Monday Mentoring is truly collaborative and nourishing. The benefits of our collective work and wisdom rippling out through more effectively serving our own communities and clients may be the most beautiful part of all!

    Committing to a meeting every Monday night gave me pause. Like many others, I have a lot going on and time is valuable. I wanted to make sure that anything I added to my metaphorical plate was worth the investment. Fortunately, there is no long-term commitment, so I decided to see if Monday Mentoring would be beneficial (spoiler alert: totally worth the time investment!).

    So much has changed since I started Monday Mentoring! I know that my practice would not be where it is if not for the time commitment. Being part of a group of people who both support me and hold me accountable helped in two ways. One, it provided an additional spark to keep me moving. Two, it helped me make sure that I was setting realistic expectations and goals for a specific time period.

    I have also grown so much as a practitioner. Hearing each person's unique assessment and approach to different situations has broadened my own perspective. Having access to the collective experience and wisdom of this group is transformational! It's clear that everyone involved wants to support the highest good of each practitioner and their clients/ community. Knowledge, experience, and worries are all shared freely and respected.

    If you are open to expanding your knowledge/experience as an herbalist and are willing to hold space for others to do the same, Monday Mentoring would be a wonderful fit for you; even if you feel like you might not have much to offer at first! If collaboration isn't your thing or you aren't ready to devote the time to make the most of this experience, it's probably best to pass at this time.

    - Janelle Farkas from Wild Edge Wellness

    About "Pay from the Heart" Pricing 

    "Pay from the heart" is very simple. If you've decided you'd like to join Monday Mentoring, look over the options below. Spend a few moments in reflection considering which price feels like the right one for you, for now. If you'd like to join and doing so would interfere with your ability to secure food, shelter, or other basic needs please contact Camille!


    Scholarships are available for BIPOC.


    This is the minimum price that covers the services and infrastructure that keep Monday Mentoring running.


    This price is sustainable for Monday Mentoring, allowing the program stay vibrant and supporting fair wages for me and others who work in/on the membership.


    This price provides support for clinicians who can't afford Monday Mentoring and allows MM to grow and deepen. 

    "An Invaluable Experience"

    The group has been so supportive and welcoming, it's been a dream! I now have direction, focus, and support for all the unknowns and insecurities that come with starting your own practice. This is such an intelligent, sensitive, and intuitive group, and I learn from all of them every single time we meet.

    The case studies and clinical observations are one of the most valuable parts of the experience - seeing how people work through challenging cases and bring new/different perspectives. MM is truly a gold mine of information and perspective!!! It's honestly "the gift that keeps on giving" with both practice information and overall knowledge. Camille makes this entire experience as special, intimate, and comfortable.

    When I eventually open my own practice after becoming a CNS, I know my participation in MM will have been one of the most crucial parts to my success and ability to get there. I feel lucky and blessed every day to be a part of this group, truly.

    – Elyce Shapiro

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Monday Mentoring is for practicing Western herbalists and herbally-minded nutritionists. If you want to deepen your work, stay motivated by working within a community of practice, and get support as you grow as a practitioner, this is for you. 

    I'm new to herbalism. Can I enroll?

    Monday Mentoring is designed for advanced students and practitioners. If you're new to herbal medicine and aren't currently in practice - or at least planning to start seeing clients in the very near future - this isn't a good fit. Stay on my mailing list and circle back when the time is right!

    What is an herbally-minded nutritionist?

    If you're an advanced nutrition student (meaning you're very close to licensure/graduation) and/or a practicing nutritionist with some training or background in herbal medicine, that counts! If you're not sure, contact me and we can discuss.

    I'm work in a tradition other than Western herbal medicine. Is this a good fit?

    While I have deep respect for herbal traditions outside my own, I am not trained or skilled in their implementation. You will likely be better off finding a mentor or program that is aligned with your training.

    How can I join a private session?

    We have two private sessions: a nutrition-focused group at 5 pm ET and an herbally-focused group at 7 pm ET on Mondays. These are smaller (max 20 people) and have additional benefits such as live webinars, the full webinar library, private observation sessions, and accountability groups. Please contact Camille to find out if spaces are available and/or to join the wait list. People who are enrolled in the noon group will have priority if spots do open up!

    What if I miss a session? Are they recorded?

    While I recommend attending live as much as possible, I know that things come up and you may need to miss some sessions. All sessions will be recorded. Clinical Round Table and Practice Management sessions will be available for at least 6 months.

    How big is the group?

    The noon group does not have a cap on the number of participants. This allows me to keep the price affordable and to bring more people into the community. Since it's a new group, it will likely be small for quite a while (bargain!). If you prefer a smaller group, please contact me to see if spots are available in our private 5 pm or 7 pm groups. These are capped at 20 people each and have additional benefits + a higher monthly cost ($75-$129/mo).  

    How awkward/inconvenient will it be if I decide to cancel?

    You can cancel any time, using the "My Account" link at the top of every page in Monday Mentoring. I absolutely do not want you to stay in the program if it's not a good fit. No awkward phone calls or emails necessary, and no hard feelings if it's not for you!

    What if I don't have any clients yet?

    Please feel free to join anyway, as long as you hope to be working with clients in the near future. Participating in our live sessions will help you develop your clinical skills as you begin your practice.

    Are scholarships available?

    I have a scholarship for BIPOC (more here). No other scholarships are available at the moment, but do contact me if you'd like to join but doing do would interfere with your ability to secure food, shelter, or other basic needs.

    Can I get hours toward my RH credential?

    Yes! Please keep a record of your hours associated with this program. I will happily sign off on these and write you a letter of recommendation when it comes time to apply if you have been an active participant in the sessions. 

    Can I get CNS hours?

    No, I am not able to offer CNS hours due to a conflict of interest with my full-time job :(.

    I'd like to join, but I can't do it right now. When is the next opportunity to join?

    If you'd like me to let you know the next time doors are open for new members, please sign up for the waiting list here.

    I'm feeling hesitant. What should I do?

    No worries. Don't join right now! Instead, why don't you get to know me and my work a bit first? I suggest signing up for a webinar, an herbal observation session, and/or joining my mailing list for a few months to get a feel for whether this might be a good fit. You can also contact me to set up a time to chat if you like.

    Transitioning from Student to Professional

    Because I am still in school and not earning money from being an herbalist yet, I was very hesitant to pay the mentorship monthly fee. It felt risky to begin spending regular money on starting a business in advance of actually having a business.

    My favorite thing about the group is the part that also makes me most anxious about logging in each week. I am stretched to step into herbalist identity instead of simply taking in information and trying to remember it as a student. Here I am with other herbalists and wanting to think like an herbalist and contribute to the conversation to be supportive to the others in the group, so I actively consider cases and work with ideas for treatment to share with the others. I am actually learning to respect myself more as an up and coming professional, because I sometimes surprise myself when I have great insights to offer in a group where I would typically assume that I am not qualified to contribute.

    It doesn't hurt to try it. Camille makes it easy and a non-issue to quit, so attend a few and see how it feels.

    I enjoy the diversity in this group. There are herbalists from the LGBTQIAP community, herbalists of varying ages, advanced students of herbalism, long-standing professionals, and practitioners from varying areas of the world. How amazing that we can come together to help each other from so many varying experiences and perspectives.  

    - Ani Glaser


    More Monday Mentoring Mentions:


    If you want practice and to gain more experience while you are growing your own practice, MM would be great for you.

    Finding MM couldn’t have come at a better time, I just graduated and needed the support getting my feet wet with clients. It has enabled me to continue clinical training and to make some great friendships. The hour’s worth every week has been well worth it without creating added work outside of MM

    Camille is passionate about her topics, grounded in the science, and shares generously of her clinical experiences. She is so well prepared, always overdelivers, is amazing at answering questions.

    About Camille Freeman, LDN, RH

    Hi there! I'm a licensed nutritionist and registered herbalist specializing in reproductive health. I've been in practice for 15+ years and am passionate about teaching and mentoring newer practitioners.

    I have a doctorate in Clinical Nutrition, as well as master's degrees in Physiology/Biophysics and Herbal Medicine.

    I'm also a professor at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, where I teach physiology and pathophysiology online. You can read more about me here.

    Have a question? Reach out!