Join a community of committed practitioners. 

Set aside one hour per week to grow as a practitioner and experience the power of a community-based model. When you surround yourself with others who are consciously engaged in the same type of work, you'll evolve in ways that aren't possible on your own. Bring your questions, your ideas, your inspiration to the group, and build your practice in a community facilitated by Camille.


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What's Included:


  • Live meetings every Monday at 7 pm ET.
    • Clinical Round Tables: Bring your cases for feedback
    • Clinical Training: A class or workshop with Camille
    • Practice Management: Setting goals and building your practice
  • Access to a clinical training library, with recordings of live workshops
  • A practice-building focus every month
  • The opportunity to act as a primary practitioner during an Herbal Observation Group
  • Participate in Herbal Observation Groups with student practitioners
  • An optional community forum (not on Facebook!) for connecting between sessions
  • The option to join a small accountability group.
  • A short email at the start of every week with reminders about our meeting and tips for the week ahead.

All sessions are facilitated or taught by Camille (or perhaps an occasional guest teacher) so that we stay focused.


Session Descriptions


Clinical Round Table

Bring your cases to get feedback and support, or listen and contribute as others share. You'll have the power of a group behind you when you're working with complicated cases. You'll learn from cases that others present.  1st and 3rd Mondays.

Practice Management

Each month we'll set goals for the upcoming month and discuss any roadblocks, questions, and ideas related to building and growing your practice.  4th Monday

Clinical Training

You'll vote on topics of interest; these can include a deep dive into a specific condition, a practice "how to," etc. Each month we'll cover one topic in a 1-hour interactive workshop that will be added to our training library.  2nd Monday.

 5th Monday Sessions

When there are 5 Mondays in a month, we'll hold a bonus work session on the 5th Monday. Bring questions of all kinds, and plan to complete a short session of focused work on your practice.

Love Letters


Camille is passionate about her topics, grounded in the science, and shares generously of her clinical experiences. She is so well prepared, always overdelivers, is amazing at answering questions. Time spent in her classes is worth every penny. Camille is a gem - trustworthy & generous, a true teacher.

- Tara Thomas, herbalist

More Benefits


  Primary Practitioner Opportunity

You'll have the option to sign up to be the primary practitioner during an Herbal Observation Session. You'll interview your own client with a group observing, and then we'll meet as a group to discuss the case. You'll use this information to come up with a plan for your client. 

  Training Library

Access to recordings from all past clinical trainings and practice-management workshops in the training library. Topics include perimenopause, endometriosis, how to find clients without social media, starting an email newsletter, probiotics + vaginas, and more. 

  Accountability Groups

You'll have the option to join a small accountability group that meets immediately after Monday Mentoring sessions for 30 minutes. These groups help you stay on track and moving forward when things get busy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Monday Mentoring is for practicing Western herbalists and herbally-minded nutritionists. If you want to deepen your work, stay motivated by working within a community of practice, and get support as you grow as a practitioner, this is for you. 

I'm new to herbalism. Can I enroll?

Monday Mentoring is designed for advanced students and practitioners. If you're new to herbal medicine and aren't currently in practice - or at least planning to start seeing clients in the very near future - this isn't a good fit. Stay on my mailing list and circle back when the time is right!

What is an herbally-minded nutritionist?

If you're an advanced nutrition student (meaning you're very close to licensure/graduation) and/or a practicing nutritionist with some training or background in herbal medicine, that counts! If you're not sure, contact me and we can discuss.

I'm work in a tradition other than Western herbal medicine. Is this a good fit?

While I have deep respect for herbal traditions outside my own, I am not trained or skilled in their implementation. You will likely be better off finding a mentor or program that is aligned with your training.

What if I miss a session? Are they recorded?

While I recommend attending live as much as possible, I know that things come up and you may need to miss some sessions. All sessions will be recorded. Clinical Round Table and Practice Management sessions will be available for 1 week after they're posted. Clinical Training sessions will be added to the Training Library for viewing anytime. 

How awkward/inconvenient will it be if I decide to cancel?

You can cancel any time, using the "My Account" link at the top of every page in Monday Mentoring. I absolutely do not want you to stay in the program if it's not a good fit. No awkward phone calls or emails necessary, and no hard feelings if it's not for you!

What if I don't have any clients yet?

Please feel free to join anyway, as long as you hope to be working with clients in the near future. Participating in our live sessions will help you develop your clinical skills as you begin your practice.

Is work-trade available?

Yes! Please contact me for details. I prefer to offer work trade for folks who are interested in committing for 6 months or more, but we can discuss details. 

Are scholarships available?

I have a scholarship for BIPOC (more here). No other scholarships are available at the moment.

Can I get hours toward my RH credential?

Yes! Please keep a record of your hours associated with this program. I will happily sign off on these and write you a letter of recommendation when it comes time to apply if you have been an active participant in the sessions. 

Can I get CNS hours?

No, I am not able to offer CNS hours due to a conflict of interest with my full-time job :(.

I'm feeling hesitant. What should I do?

No worries. Don't join right now! Instead, why don't you get to know me and my work a bit first? I suggest signing up for a webinar, an herbal observation session, and/or joining my mailing list for a few months to get a feel for whether this might be a good fit. You can also contact me to set up a time to chat if you like.

About Camille Freeman, LDN, RH

Hi there! I'm a licensed nutritionist and registered herbalist specializing in reproductive health. I've been in practice for 15+ years and am passionate about teaching and mentoring newer practitioners.

I have a doctorate in Clinical Nutrition, as well as master's degrees in Physiology/Biophysics and Herbal Medicine.

I'm also a professor at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, where I teach physiology and pathophysiology online. You can read more about me here.

Have a question? Reach out!